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* Disclaimer:
1. RMG is not responsible if you fail to turn up for your appointment; missed your appointment or have made the wrong appointment based on the country’s pre-arrival swab requirement timeline.
2. Please ensure you have all the necessary documents prior to your pre-departure swab appointment.
a. RGL documents, where applicable
b. Valid Business VISA, where applicable
c. If you do not have RGL documents, please ensure you have the approval from MOH/ MTI. To apply for pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test, you may submit your application here
3. Results memo will be emailed to you within 24 to 36 hours from swab done. Please ensure you have made the appointment with ample time for the results to reach you before your flight.

Please ensure that this pre-departure appointment is within the testing window that is in line with your country's destination requirement. RafflesMedical is not liaible for any additional costs incurred should there be any rejections from the airlines, embassy and authorities. Should you need to confirm if the date you have booked is correct, please check with the respective embassy for assistance.

Please ensure all relevant approved documents are presented during your appointment. The clinic has the right to refuse or reject your appointment if you do not have the relevant approved documents.